PHASE 1: OAT 100

Thanks to Olsen Animal Trust we are well on our way to reaching our target of transporting 100 dogs to Just For Dogs rescue in the UK, and we're delighted to tell you that the vast majority of those that have landed on UK shores have already been adopted! We're sure the others won't have long to wait either! But that was just Phase 1.

You can read more about Phase 1 of the project here

We are thrilled to be able to share with you our plans for Phase 2: THE FOREVER CENTRE

Over the course of the next year, Saving Suffering Strays will be raising the funds to buy a new facility in Bosnia for Milena and her dogs!


As we all know, Milena works incredibly hard to rescue the strays of Sarajevo, but living on the twelfth floor of a tower block, where she has to care for the young puppies and sick or injured dogs with only very basic facilities is hardly ideal. Factor in the two hour round trip that she has to do every single day in order to care for our dogs on her land, and you can see what a mammoth task this is. Milena barely sleeps or gets time for any rest, but this is where

The facility itself will provide living accommodation for Milena, finally enabling her to leave behind the confines of her flat in the tower block. The design of the facility will be overseen by vet, Roger Barlow MRCVS, and will also provide housing for puppies, a quarantine unit and basic treatment room for sick dogs. Additionally, it will provide indoor/outdoor accommodation for dogs who need life-time sanctuary, whilst there will also be extra accommodation for visiting vet students and volunteers, enabling Saving Suffering Strays to support the education of people in canine welfare. Of course, achieving this is going to be no mean feat. In fact we expect the facility to costs around £60,000 in total!

Thanks to our phenomenally successful 'Evening at Burgh House' auction in London on March 17th 2019, we have already raised enough to purchase the interiors for the kitchen and a bathroom, and we are also able cover the cost of items for a shower room, along with having the initial funds of £1000 to build a specialised puppy facility! But there is a long way to go, and in order to fund the rest of the facility, we are going to be launching a series of events over the next few months to achieve our goal.

So there we have it! Phase 2 has begun and we are about to embark on one of the biggest undertakings Saving Suffering Strays has ever made. Whilst it is a huge task, we are determined to make this dream a reality, and we very much hope you will all JOIN US ON THIS JOURNEY!

From all at Saving Suffering Strays, we want to thank you for your continued support. It really does mean the world to Milena, her dogs and all of the team working to support them.