Would you like to help Milena continue her vital work and rescue & rehome more street dogs of Sarajevo? Below is a list of ways you can get involved and help save the life of a street dog today!

Milena relies 100% on donations to save as many stray dogs from the streets of Sarajevo as she can. We are always looking for people to help in any way they can, from organising a fundraiser to sponsoring one of our many dogs. If you feel like you can help or would like more information on ways that you can help please feel free to email:

Latest news

  • 10 JULY2017
    Posted by Admin
    Today Milena rescued a new dog from a notorious 'Kill Shelter' in Bosnia. Dogs who end up in one of these so-called "shelters" often experience the most appaling conditions. They receive no food or veterniary care, and are left to die in filthy conditions. One lucky boy, that we have named Winston, is safe from the Kill Shelter. He is suffering from a severe case of Demodex, a painful skin condition. If you would like to help with his veterniary costs please consider sending a donation. Click here to donate with PayPal
  • 06 JULY2017
    Posted by Admin
    Today is our amazing rescuer's birthday! But of course, Milena never gets to celebrate her birthday because she is out on the streets of Sarajevo rescuing more dogs. Please consider sending a donation to Saving Suffering Strays Sarajevo in honour of Milena's Birthday. Click here to donate with PayPal
  • 15 apr2019
    Posted by Admin
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  • 05 apr2019
    Posted by Admin
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