Saving Suffering Strays

Our Mission

Saving Suffering Strays aim to advance animal welfare for the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of animals in need of care and attention and, in particular, to provide &maintain a rescue and rehoming services for the reception, care and treatment of stray dogs in the UK, Bosnia-Herzegovina and such other European Countries as the Trustees may decide who by reason of abandonment, neglect or mistreatment are in need of such care and attention.

Saving Suffering Strays have recently achieved charity status and the team of Saving Suffering Strays volunteers are committed to alleviating the suffering of stray dogs and to supporting the incredible work of those on the frontline whose life work is dedicated to this cause, in the UK and across Europe as we believe that every single life matters

Where It All Began

Milena Malesevic has been rescuing stray dogs from the streets of Sarajevo for more than 20 years and has rescued over 1000 dogs. During the war in Bosnia many people could no longer care for their pets and as a result many dogs ended up on the streets. Supported by a team of volunteers Milena works tirelessly to rescue the most vulnerable dogs from the streets and from public shelters, where the dogs are subjected to unimaginable cruelty and hardship. She is the leading recognised legitimate rescuer in Sarajevo and has been the subject of two documentary films, the most recent screened at the European Parliament in January 2018. In the beginning Milena gained exposure for the dogs she was rescuing on social media and worked with kennel owners Riad Bubu. In awe of her work and dedication a group of women in the UK set up Saving Suffering Strays in 2012.

What We Do

The UK based organisation consists of over 18 volunteers in the UK and key supporters in Europe and America. Saving Suffering Strays is steered by a group of trustees including their UK patron actor and animal advocate, Peter Egan. Saving Suffering Strays organise fundraisers, find adopters and fosterers for dogs that come under our care and support Milena and the work of our rehoming partners through social media with one goal in mind; to help save the lives of stray dogs in Sarajevo and across Europe and the UK.
Saving Suffering Strays has continued to collaborate with Eurogroup For Animals as they work with European institutions to support the policies that will improve animal welfare across Europe.