Who We Work With

The incredible team at biscuit boutique have created a very special biscuit SPECULOOS CHOCOLATE SANDWICH BISCUITS WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE TOPPING that features stunning designs of dogs.

For every box sold Biscuit Boutique will donate 2.5% of sales to Saving Suffering Strays UK to help us continue our vital work.

These vegan biscuits are just one example of an extraordinary selection of vegan bonbon treats (for humans) available from this groundbreaking company. You can buy them here www.biscuitboutique.co

You can also donate to the fundraiser initiated by the biscuit boutique on this link.


Olsen Animal Trust

In November 2018 Saving Suffering Strays embarked on a campaign with Olsen Animal Trust to rehome 100 of their dogs. Through the hugely successful OAT 100 campaign, driven by Sue Olsen, Saving Suffering Strays worked alongside Olsen Animal Trust and over 130 dogs found their forever homes. Dave Higgs of OAT visited Sarajevo in May 2018 with our Chair of Trustees Maria Slough and met some of our working partners.

Olsen Animal Trust continue to work with Saving Suffering Strays UK and support us in our mission to rescue and rehabilitate stray and abused abandoned dogs with the belief that every single life matters. Follow the hyperlink to see more of the incredible work taht OAT do across the globe.

Riad Bubu

Our main kennel partner in Europe Riad Bubu is run by Mersad and Melisa Sehic. We have worked with them for many years and they work tirelessly to care for the dogs that we rescue, help rehabilitate them and get them ready to travel to their new homes. Honey the resident cat is kept very busy sifting out which dogs can go to new homes with a cat in residence. Mersad and Melisa support us when we get calls from members of the public about dogs in immediate danger on the streets as well as dogs on death row. Working with local vets and their two sons they travel to save the dogs from wherever they need to be rescued from and are always happy to work with us on special cases like Boby who was found on the streets bleeding from her mouth due to a form of cancer. She is now recovering from chemo therapy under their watchful eye until she can travel to her forever home.


Saving Suffering Strays first met the team at D4R in early 2020. Dogs4Rescue is a unique, independent dog rescue in a semi-rural part of Manchester where the dogs live together in a kennel free environment run Emma Billington. The dogs spend their days getting all the exercise, socialisation, stimulation, love and care that they need whilst waiting for their forever homes. They are free, happy and sleep in warm beds at night, completely unaware they are homeless dogs. The dogs live alongside goats, sheep, hens, pigs, horse, cats, rabbits, ferrets, turkeys and more. D4R have helped rehome several of our dogs and work closely with us on rehabilitating our more nervous dogs by providing lifetime care for them until they are ready to be rehomed. You can learn more about their work at their website.

Prebanic & Jusufbasic – Goloman

One of the larger lawyers’ offices in the Bosnia and Herzegovina legal environment, which is specialized in legal services in the area of commercial and civil law. The Office’s narrow specialization includes corporate law, M&A transactions, banking, privatization, competition law, labour law, energy sector and telecommunications, as well as dispute resolution and other related areas of legal practice in which the Office has acquired an indisputable reputation for outstanding quality of the services rendered to its foreign and local clients.

Prebanic & Arela Jusufbasic-Goloman website

Audley Chaucer Solicitors

Audley Chaucer Solicitors is a leading law firm providing practical legal advice on all aspects of the law. John Szepietowski, a highly experienced solicitor who covers a wide area of law including litigation, crime, HMRC matters, finance and banking, insolvency, wills trusts and probate assisted Saving Suffering Strays UK with the re structuring of our adoptions contracts and other key forms that make up our working infrastructure.

Audley Chaucer Solicitors website.