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About Us - Saving Suffering Strays




We help over 80 starving, abused and suffering street dogs and strays on the streets of Sarajevo, Bosnia - a desolate and dangerous place for dogs. We also have over 250 dogs in kennels with many needing veterinary treatment.


Our rescuer is Milena Malesevic.  She is desperate about the plight of stray dogs in Bosnia.  So many are suffering from abuse, neglect, hatred, starvation, shootings and poisonings.  There are hardly any shelters in the country and the ones that do exist are often corrupt and the dogs suffer terribly.


Many people believe that strays should be killed rather then spayed or neutered and kill dogs themselves with rifles and sling shots. There are also regular poisonings and deliberate hit and runs with cars. Dogs die here everyday.


Milena has been helping and rescuing poor street dogs for 20 years now. The most urgent dogs are kept in her tiny 12th floor flat and in kennels.  Milena feeds and cares for the many hungry dogs in the area (80), which includes an industial park and remote areas where dogs are starving and desperate. She loves all the dogs that she cares for and they love her.  For them, it is the only love and care that they have ever known.  Milena arranges adoptions but she desperately needs financial help to pay for food, vet bills and kennels.


We are always looking for adopters for our lovely dogs. In the past four years, Milena has helped over 300 dogs to find new homes in the UK, USA, Bosnia, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Croatia and Slovenia.


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Milena relies 100% on donations and food and kennels for each dog is €44 a month.