Our beautiful boy Asher is a true survivor. He was born on the streets of Sarajevo where our rescuer Milena used to feed him, along with many other dogs. One day Milena found Asher in a trash can after he had been run over by a car. Milena rushed Asher to the vet where they found out he had two broken legs. After hours of painful surgery and having iron rods placed in his legs, Milena took Asher home to nurse him back to health. Things only got worse for Asher when Milena found out he had Distemper, a disease that can kill dogs. Milena treated Asher's Distemper and took him back to the vet to have the iron rods removed from his legs. Asher showed everybody what a survivor he is when he had to learn to walk again from scratch. Can you offer our little trooper Asher a forever home?